Your very existence has already begun to stir a change in the five of us

— Itsuki Nakano to Fuutarou


Itsuki Nakano (中野 (なかの) 五月 (いつき) Nakano Itsuki?) is the fifth sister of the Nakano Quintuplets. Itsuki is serious and diligent, yet she's also a glutton and crybaby.[2][3][4] Among the sisters, Itsuki is the most familiar with Uesugi Family's member and circumstances.[5]


Itsuki is a serious looking girl with medium-length hair and expressive ahoge. She has reddish-orange hair color, ranging from light pink to salmon pink in Volume 1, and deep orange to orient red in Volume 4.[6][7]Her notable accessories is a pair of star-shaped hair clips near both of her eyes. Like her sisters, she has dark blue eyes, an average height, and well-endowed figure.

Itsuki wears her uniform normally without any accessory, like most of the girl students.[8] She is the sister with the highest weight, yet refuse to acknowledge it.[9] Itsuki is the only sister known to wear glasses.[10]


Itsuki is a serious and earnest girl.[11] She usually wakes up early compared to other sisters.[12][13] Her speech is formal and polite. She cares about mannerism and doesn't hesitate to confront a stranger about it, though it's probably only about table manner.[14]

Itsuki is a girl who bears a grudge.[15] She rejects Fuutarou's tutoring partly because of their previous quarrel. She is also someone who can't be honest with herself and having difficulty to be more straightforward.[16][17] Both of these qualities often made her struggle on her own.

Itsuki is a crybaby, be it about unfavorable situations, scary things, or her stubborn self.[18][19][20] Itsuki has a huge appetite and is mostly seen eating something throughout the series. It appears that she doesn't mind treating her sisters unfairly when it comes to food-related stuff.[21]


Itsuki is commended as a diligent girl, and she does thing very precisely.[22][23] She is also perceptive and has a good sense of detail.[24] Despite that, she has an awful sense of direction.[25] She also has poor eyesight and often seen wearing glasses.[26]

Among the sister, Itsuki is ranked on the higher part of the five, with her strongest subject is Science.[27]


Itsuki doesn't like her sisters quarrel with each other, and being the "youngest", she can get easily intimidated by them.[28]

Ichika Nakano

Ichika mostly showed her big sister attitude towards Itsuki, expressing care and protective behavior.[29]

Nino Nakano

Itsuki is the closest with Nino, as both are seen doing activities together, such as shopping, lunch, and test of courage.[30][31][32] Nino is also very protective towards Itsuki, being the most vocal sister regarding her well being.[33]

Miku Nakano

Itsuki is aware of Miku's fondness towards Fuutarou, and she reassures Miku about his circumstances, showing her care to Miku.[34]

Yotsuba Nakano

Itsuki comforts Yotsuba when she's feeling down, showing her concerns.[35]

Fuutarou Uesugi

Itsuki had a quarrel with Fuutarou, leading her to reject him as the sisters' tutor early on. Due to Fuutarou's consistent efforts, Itsuki began to notice the change on her and the sisters.[36] Itsuki usually is the one who connects her father to Fuutarou.[37] She and Fuutarou develop each other's character, as both overcome their stubbornness.[38][39]

Raiha Uesugi

Itsuki develops a fondness toward Raiha due to her cuteness and partly after learning Uesugi family's circumstances.


  • "When all is said and done, you wouldn't know what he was thinking about or how he was feeling unless you ask the person himself"


  • Itsuki is attributed the "first girl" of the series.
  • Itsuki is seen wearing glasses when she's about to do the test (Chapter 2), suggesting she has hyperopia (far-sightedness). In Chapter 3 with Fuutarou, he remarks that Itsuki can't see far away, suggesting she has myopia (near-sightedness).
  • Itsuki believes in fate and charms.[40][41]
  • Itsuki's notable accessory is two stars on the front of her hair, representing number 5, which is a part of her name and the order of her birth.
  • Itsuki won 3rd place on Japanese popularity poll with 1235 votes.[42]


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